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I haven't rewatched The Hunchback of Nôtre-Dame in ages. I think last time I was, like, six, and that's for two main reasons.

Although the stories I invented in my early childhood were that gloomy (well, kinda XD), I think the fact I could somehow relate with Quasimodo made me feel sick and uneasy seeing the way they treat him throughout the whole film. Besides, being it way darker than the average Disney film, I understood almost nothing of it - now, after reading the original novel, I realised why. I was so young I absolutely had no clue about Frollo lusting after Esmeralda that much. I guess Frollo's rendition in the Disney film is even a lot more carnal than the original. I mean, novel!Frollo is really a desperate man, you do realise his love for Esmeralda turns out to be sick in the end, yet he is so ardent and tender when he confesses to her that you really feel pity for him and how much he burns for her, not to mention that Esmeralda absolutely shows no mercy and treats him worse than dirt, so that it turns out that I every reader seriously starts rooting for him, wishing for Esmeralda to smack her pretty curly head against a hard stone wall.
Despite being the most realistic, human and absolutely creepy Disney villain ever depicted in a Disney classic, I really am sorry that film!Frollo is a judge, no archdeacon and stuff. Even though it takes no genius to realise why, I believe most of the conflict - including the one shown in the Hellfire sequence - got completely lost, because okay, you are a sexually frustrated and bigot douchebag, but you basically vowed nothing in front of God, nothing should really prevent you from, uhm, let yourself go, huh? So, instead of making Frollo struggle against the fact that he should remain celibe, they made him a slimy, manic racist feeling both disgust and sexual desire for a gypsy. They basically turn the whole thing into a racial issue. In other words, Phoebus - a prick in the novel, for instance - becomes our knight in shiny armour to draw a neat line between good and evil, and Frollo serves as the big fat completely-evil-with-no-chance-of-redemption villain they needed. So, even if you are a novel!Frollo supporter, you will loathe him in the film. I did, and couldn't help it.
And more importantly, even the message they wanted to deliver about accepting differences and not judging a book by its cover... to make it work, Quasimodo should have gotten the hot chick. Why must the prince charming always be a prince charming no matter what? As much as I find Disney!Phoebus an amusing and realistic good guy, I think his role kinda devoids Quasimodo's. This way, you basically teach children that a person with any random deformity will never have a chance to fall in love with someone having no handicap at all. Despite how interesting the Disney film is (I mean, villains driven by obviously sexual desires, in a DISNEY film ♥!), I think this point deserves a quite big 'epic fail' tag. The existance of the cheesy 2002 sequel is Disney's poor way of making their amends.

Everything was prompted by the fact that I've stumbled into Hellfire again after more than ten years, and I had just finished reading the novel. And I have to say, this is the most amazing, darkest, daring thing Disney ever inserted in a motion picture. The song alone is worth the whole film. It's beautiful on so many levels, and more complex than it looks - did you ever notice the Confiteor the priests chant beneath the lyrics contradicts what Frollo is trying to convince himself about? And I love Frollo embracing Esmeralda as her silhouette comes out of the fireplace. Somehow, it looks like something novel!Frollo could do. And I also have to say, I think Eros Pagni - Frollo's Italian voice actor - sounds shamefully passionate and sexy and evil while he sings, even more than Tony Jay.

Actually, most of these musings come from a bunch of interesting thoughts [livejournal.com profile] shu_maat and I shared one afternoon while sipping tea. That girl is one of the most wonderful gifts God - or whoever is in charge up there - blessed me with, along with [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko and everyone else. Thanks. You enrich my life with new perspectives everyday, be it life issues or raw fangirling. I love you, guys ♥.
You think I was done? No way.Hellfire + 2 misc. Frollo/Esmeralda icons below, even if I doubt anyone barely sane would like Frollo among their userpics. Whatever.

~ credit [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go if taking
~ textless icons are NOT bases

[4x] Frollo/Esmeralda
[21x] Claude Frollo
[2x] Esmeralda

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021
022 023 024
025 026 027

And, I MEAN.
Phoebus: "Are you all right, sir?"
Frollo: *post-coitum Hellfire headache* "I... had some trouble with the fireplace."

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