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... So, okay.
I'm positively ashamed to admit I'm a bit shaken about Anders blowing up the Chantry. Not really for the gesture per se (well, that, too), but for the way he goddamn justifies what he's done! The speech of a madman and a selfish terrorist, and I think he really deserved to pay with his own life for it, so I kept it with me in one save, and killed him in another. My-My Hawke. I mean, what really shocked me to another degree was my Hawke, because--no matter the choice of despising him, killing him, lamenting his lack of trust in you, and his own madness, or taking him in with you again, she sounds so--so heartbroken, yet so angry, and so terribly... unflinching. And cold. I mean, I know the game is still kinda preset, in its range of free will, and had to preserve the choice of a player who wasn't romancing Anders, but.. Hawke, dammit. For six years you've made love to this man, ate and slept and fought at his side all this time, and is that all? not even raising your voice, or letting it shake for a second? A tear, a quiver, nothing? What most hurt me of the killing scene is the... well, the execution-style of it, if you get what I mean. Anders does mention many thanks for the happiness he enjoyed, and you expressionessly stab him and just go, and what's worse is that he deserved it all.
Enough. I shall write anout this. Sigh.
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