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Phew, just look at the hour, I spent the whole afternoon and night coding and revamping this place - methinks the outcome was quite worth a try though ♥.
However, for my journal's sake, I decided to group every user-friendly writing meme/contest/challenge here, so check this post to discover news from now on! ♥

the prompting post | one true writing | freghiamo lo scrittore miscellanea

drabble claim | fra i capelli di ___

10038 / 100000 words. 10% done!
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Japanese II is in two days, more or less, I just can't bring myself to finish the last batch of characters. I feel so bored and fed up with everything. Aaand it's not the right time to, I guess, but I'm rewatching Charmed for the first time, in English, since I was nine. I was expecting myself to say "it's so cheesy and 90s, what was I thinking, my childhood memories are ruined now", but... I'm loving it even more now. The acting is so good, and I am realising the show is the first thing I used to fangirl about, other than Sailor Moon, before even knowing what fangirling was in the first place. Every episode makes my stomach knot with nostalgia and feelings, it feels so strange - I swear I remember some episodes so vividly, and it's like meeting old friends again.
Is it legit to say SPOILERS after fifteen years? )


Aug. 30th, 2012 01:21 pm
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I'd never thought I'd resuscitate this journal by posting from my new smartphone during the most absurd train ride ever. We're fifty minutes late and counting, our coach is so full it's unbearable, and people just don't know how to behave. I have a text editor, too, what if I drabble for a while then post it here? Aaawww, the joy of technology!
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Yes, I'm alive and I know you don't believe me, just look at the mess this place is now XD. I have every intention of coming back, possibly with a long post about how Versailles no Bara tugs at my feelings and rips them open, and how rewatching "Charmed" is a very bad thing - I mean, despite my worst fears, it's not crappy at all after all these years, and that's exactly the thing, because it triggers my nostalgia like, badly. Then again, you all know how I get when I have to talk about my own vision of fandom in general - I just cannot stop, which brings to endless posts, which makes the process incredibly daunting, so I guess I'll procrastinate everything (again), hoping to have enough motivation once I pass Japanese II (which is incredibly close but I'm afraid "once I pass" could very well mean YEARS)!
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Dato che non voglio plottare Cherik!Pokemon!AU.

(I'lll come back, someday, I promise XD)


Aug. 7th, 2011 12:17 am
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BECAUSE FUCK YES. Credits change tomorrow. *nods*
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Half an hour ago I spilled milk on the touchpad and Subaru II, my laptop, wouldn't start again. I think I died for, like, ten minutes while I was trying to vacuum it all away. Now it's a bit sticky and I'm afraid it will smell a bit until I clean it for good, but it looks fine. The battery level gave me a read light until a few seconds ago, despite it being all charged. I hope I didn't ruin it.
I just don't understand what the heck is wrong with me lately. Yesterday, with my problems with being taken to class, my brain was convinced it was Sunday, and since I had no one available to pick me up, I overslept and beat the crap out of myself when I realised it. The day before, after I did the washing up, the bowl with all of my fragile plates went upside down because I apparently didn't pay attention to their actual balance, so they smashed on the ground. All of them. And I'm prettysure I did something else and I don't remember.
I mean, what the hell. I really don't know.

Or maybe I do.
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Meet my humble self, my usual new Ashelia-devoted haircut, now with more pink-striked awesomeness! ♥

Had coffee and chatted with Mrs. De Lillo too, this morning, and I feel a bit ashamed because I just realised I swore a lot in front of her. Duh O_o.
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Home o/

I haven't rewatched The Hunchback of Nôtre-Dame in ages. I think last time I was, like, six, and that's for two main reasons.
Obnoxiously long post ahead this way if you want )

Everything was prompted by the fact that I've stumbled into Hellfire again after more than ten years, and I had just finished reading the novel. And I have to say, this is the most amazing, darkest, daring thing Disney ever inserted in a motion picture. The song alone is worth the whole film. It's beautiful on so many levels, and more complex than it looks - did you ever notice the Confiteor the priests chant beneath the lyrics contradicts what Frollo is trying to convince himself about? And I love Frollo embracing Esmeralda as her silhouette comes out of the fireplace. Somehow, it looks like something novel!Frollo could do. And I also have to say, I think Eros Pagni - Frollo's Italian voice actor - sounds shamefully passionate and sexy and evil while he sings, even more than Tony Jay.

'Hellfire' - Tony Jay )

'Fuoco d'Inferno' - Eros Pagni )

Actually, most of these musings come from a bunch of interesting thoughts [livejournal.com profile] shu_maat and I shared one afternoon while sipping tea. That girl is one of the most wonderful gifts God - or whoever is in charge up there - blessed me with, along with [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko and everyone else. Thanks. You enrich my life with new perspectives everyday, be it life issues or raw fangirling. I love you, guys ♥.
You think I was done? No way.Hellfire + 2 misc. Frollo/Esmeralda icons below, even if I doubt anyone barely sane would like Frollo among their userpics. Whatever.

~ credit [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go if taking
~ textless icons are NOT bases

[4x] Frollo/Esmeralda
[21x] Claude Frollo
[2x] Esmeralda

here! ♥ )

And, I MEAN.
Phoebus: "Are you all right, sir?"
Frollo: *post-coitum Hellfire headache* "I... had some trouble with the fireplace."

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(yup, I'm feling a bit SXS-ish. Which vaguely means unnecessairly depressed XD ~ velvetfactory; cryingforest.net; [livejournal.com profile] expose42; [livejournal.com profile] 77words. The title is a line from Valentina Giovagnini's Il passo silenzioso della neve (Snow's Quiet Step) and roughly translates as I let myself fly away from you. Very roughly XD.)
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Failed Japanese I again. Someone help me. I don't know what to do anymore.
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First off, sorry to my friendlist here on Livejournal as it seems I'm really involving you guys in an University project, but don't they say that a friend in need's a friend indeed? I'm afraid that was a song by Placebo, rather than a saying XD... anyway, this post is for a personal English project in order to memorize words our own way, and I chose to make a blogpost \o/, which means everything written below is addressed to my professor. However, I'd be very happy *see the glowing* if you could use the comments to suggest me English words you believe I don't know and keep the porny ones to yourself, please XD!

This being said, good morning, Mrs. Williams!
The list you are going to read below will be quite short - and I swear that's not because I want to slack off, but because (and I hope I don't sound presumptuous here) I do know and use a lot of words, or at least try to use the majority of them. Adding words I knew already felt like cheating to me, so here we go with the short list. I admit the format is a bit boring, since it is a simple list of words in non-alphabetical order - my visual memory is not the best
memory ever, so I thought I should do what I can do best, writing! For every single word noted down here, I will invent a 100-150-word story starting tomorrow. Everything is fine as long as it contains the notebook words - and Livejournal friendlist is free to ask whatever story they want ♥♥


Click here to go to the wordlist )
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Completely unrelated title for a completely random post to ease off yesterday night's bad mood XD. I should write something about how much I have loved Dragon Age: Origins and Alistair above everything, but I have to finish cooking and I have to do the laundry before my washbasin starts screaming. Most interesting news of the year, I think, is that I am now able to cook pasta by myself with the microwave, and that I've stayed up all night to write kanji. I am going to pass this time. I have to pass, I must pass. I want to pass ;__;.
Today is a national holiday, and I think I will spend it washing myself, my plates (argh) and sit down again to write kanji again XD.
All to let that horrible Barthandelus!Serah/Lightning dub-con plot wear off my head. @.@ *faints*
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I should be in bed. As pissed off as I am, I really should, given that it was my basic plan for this evening to begin with, but I am quite bored ATM - not to mention what you witnessed in my most recent posts: I don't know how, but I'm dying to play FFXIII and let my eyes sparkle over Light again. And no, don't expect any real life update so far - too lazy for that, I'm afraid. Anyway, I liked the old profile page so much I decided to leave it the way it was before, and changed just the main layout. The quote comes from Paramore's The Only Exception, one of the ubercutest songs I've ever heard aka my personal favourite of the moment, the song I'd like to devote to my special someone if I had one - which I haven't, and it's starting to irk me more than I should care - and the song that reflects my own mood, strictly referring to the aforementioned lines.
Sometimes I wish I were less soft-hearted, less sensitive etcetera etcetera.

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Yes, I'm positively playing with Photoshop lately, in case you are asking XD.


[001-017] Lightning


... and I'm on my way to believing. )
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Procrastinated for months, and here it is now. And I'm too lazy/tired/whatever to make a decent comment about it, or to explain various stuff and quotations I used. In case you are curious, just ask in the comments and let's hope I remember!


[001-006] Basch/Ashe
[007] Basch/Ashe/Vossler
[008-010] Ashe

[X ~ 12x]
[011-019] Seishiro/Subaru
[020] Seishiro/Hokuto
[021-022] Subaru

[023-028] Doctor/Rose
[029] Lightning/Hope
[030-032] Lightning


And numbers lead the dance. )
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My mother apparently thinks I'm still 8 years old, or else how can you possibly buy something lilac to someone who wanted to be dressed in a completely different, elegant and discreet beige fashion? Of course, I have to feel ridiculous! I have two goddamn fuchsia wool pendants at the end of two laces. I mean! And someone should explain her I need no curls because I have no longer hair to curl, goddamn it!
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Home. Failed Japanese I, or at least half of it, so here I am in Termoli studying for the Contemporary History on the 16th Jume and attending my younger brother's First Communion tomorrow... er... today. I've dreamed thistitle for a layout since ages. Thanks, The Cure. And I have to admit I'm not the greatest fan of the song either. Well whatever.


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