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Japanese II is in two days, more or less, I just can't bring myself to finish the last batch of characters. I feel so bored and fed up with everything. Aaand it's not the right time to, I guess, but I'm rewatching Charmed for the first time, in English, since I was nine. I was expecting myself to say "it's so cheesy and 90s, what was I thinking, my childhood memories are ruined now", but... I'm loving it even more now. The acting is so good, and I am realising the show is the first thing I used to fangirl about, other than Sailor Moon, before even knowing what fangirling was in the first place. Every episode makes my stomach knot with nostalgia and feelings, it feels so strange - I swear I remember some episodes so vividly, and it's like meeting old friends again.
Is it legit to say SPOILERS after fifteen years? )
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Yes, I'm alive and I know you don't believe me, just look at the mess this place is now XD. I have every intention of coming back, possibly with a long post about how Versailles no Bara tugs at my feelings and rips them open, and how rewatching "Charmed" is a very bad thing - I mean, despite my worst fears, it's not crappy at all after all these years, and that's exactly the thing, because it triggers my nostalgia like, badly. Then again, you all know how I get when I have to talk about my own vision of fandom in general - I just cannot stop, which brings to endless posts, which makes the process incredibly daunting, so I guess I'll procrastinate everything (again), hoping to have enough motivation once I pass Japanese II (which is incredibly close but I'm afraid "once I pass" could very well mean YEARS)!


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