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I haven't rewatched The Hunchback of Nôtre-Dame in ages. I think last time I was, like, six, and that's for two main reasons.
Obnoxiously long post ahead this way if you want )

Everything was prompted by the fact that I've stumbled into Hellfire again after more than ten years, and I had just finished reading the novel. And I have to say, this is the most amazing, darkest, daring thing Disney ever inserted in a motion picture. The song alone is worth the whole film. It's beautiful on so many levels, and more complex than it looks - did you ever notice the Confiteor the priests chant beneath the lyrics contradicts what Frollo is trying to convince himself about? And I love Frollo embracing Esmeralda as her silhouette comes out of the fireplace. Somehow, it looks like something novel!Frollo could do. And I also have to say, I think Eros Pagni - Frollo's Italian voice actor - sounds shamefully passionate and sexy and evil while he sings, even more than Tony Jay.

'Hellfire' - Tony Jay )

'Fuoco d'Inferno' - Eros Pagni )

Actually, most of these musings come from a bunch of interesting thoughts [livejournal.com profile] shu_maat and I shared one afternoon while sipping tea. That girl is one of the most wonderful gifts God - or whoever is in charge up there - blessed me with, along with [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko and everyone else. Thanks. You enrich my life with new perspectives everyday, be it life issues or raw fangirling. I love you, guys ♥.
You think I was done? No way.Hellfire + 2 misc. Frollo/Esmeralda icons below, even if I doubt anyone barely sane would like Frollo among their userpics. Whatever.

~ credit [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go if taking
~ textless icons are NOT bases

[4x] Frollo/Esmeralda
[21x] Claude Frollo
[2x] Esmeralda

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And, I MEAN.
Phoebus: "Are you all right, sir?"
Frollo: *post-coitum Hellfire headache* "I... had some trouble with the fireplace."

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Yes, I'm positively playing with Photoshop lately, in case you are asking XD.


[001-017] Lightning


... and I'm on my way to believing. )
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Procrastinated for months, and here it is now. And I'm too lazy/tired/whatever to make a decent comment about it, or to explain various stuff and quotations I used. In case you are curious, just ask in the comments and let's hope I remember!


[001-006] Basch/Ashe
[007] Basch/Ashe/Vossler
[008-010] Ashe

[X ~ 12x]
[011-019] Seishiro/Subaru
[020] Seishiro/Hokuto
[021-022] Subaru

[023-028] Doctor/Rose
[029] Lightning/Hope
[030-032] Lightning


And numbers lead the dance. )
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In the end, back on Easter, mum bought me a Playstation 3 and FFXIII, so yes, after a whole month I'm at the end of Chapter 13. I can say that MAN, final boss is totally creeping me out, and not only because keeps blowin' my party away. Anyway, I can say that I love it, both its characters and the strong, family-like bond keeping the party together. Everyone is so different and real, and Lightning and Hope WIN.

Among other things, I sat Sounds of English today and got 26 points out of 30. Definitely a good mark but one of the lowest of the class. You know what? I hadn't studied properly and I'm frankly happy with it XDD. Plus, it's gonna turn in a 28 with the oral test on Monday, and I'm happy that I had 30 in my Writing class, so yay me! \o/! Now, Japanese I on 25th can terrify me better XDDD. Which means I am celebrating with a massive iconpost (and the fact that every batch of mine is made up of 18 icons is a damn coincidence and is currently freaking me out XD.

- Credit required @ [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go
- Don't steal and/or claim any as your own work

Most of the Seishiro/Subaru ones are cut from the current Dusk Shard layout I made... I liked the blend so much it was a pity to leave it unused... *////*
As for the Sailor Moon part of the batch... I can explain, so don't kick me. I've found that scene sexy since I was, like, OMGSEVENYEARSOLD.

[15] X
[4] Seishiro/Subaru
[6] Subaru
[5] Seishiro

[3] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
[1] Usagi
[2] Prince Diamond/Usagi hell yeah. I mean, of couse I ship Mamoru/Usagi, but come on, just look at the goddamn kiss and captivity scene there. I've shipped it ferociously since forever!

01. 02. 03.

rest under cut ♥ )
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So my mp3 player had quite a big accident while I was doing the laundry yesterday - which means I just had to buy a new identical one because living alone having no music is much of an ordeal, if you ask me. Even though I had permission an' all I feel as guilty as hell. Before it happened, I was just going to post the only reasonably happy thing of the day: after a whole month I finally stripped the aid-band and was able to have a real shower, and I've never felt so damn clean! Honestly, I've never thought having a shower could be a luxury... I would have been certainly happier if the basin with my underwear, full of icy water and soap, didn't fall on my legs twenty minutes later -__-! The mp3 player was drenched in water and so was I - the only difference is that I wasn't as expensive as it was, nor was I just seven months old XDDD.
Fortunately I discovered there was a party in the common room and I've joined the others, so I had quite a pleasurable evening in the end! And I was also careless of my pink pajamas while everyone was dressed, but still XD.
Personal life aside basically because I don't think mine is exactly thrilling, as you can see, I've iconed since two nights days, and here you are the most massive iconpost ever according to my own standards. And hey, it's all Seishiro/Subaru-related °_° I'm sticking to the two of them again, and I'm particulairly glad of this nostalgia, or whatever you want to call it. Now I can manage them better, both in ficwriting and iconing, and I forgot how damn beautiful and heartbreaking and absolutely-part-of-me they were.

Rules and icons this waay ♥~ )
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(ficposting in italiano rapido e indolore per mettere il journal al pari con tutta la roba che non ho mai finito di pubblicare qui e shottine varie: We're made of stars | Unforeseen | Livin' la vida loca | Flesh and blood | Disentangle)

Basically, this is what I do when I should be studying - procrastinated iconposts coming with random announcements like

- Finally writing from my WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL new notebook;
- Just finished writing the most dirty and politically incorrect Basch/Ashe ever;
- On Christmas, I started re-reading one of my favourite childhood novels ever, the Corsairs of the Antilles saga by Emilio Salgari (yes, I know any of you non-Italian-speaking users won't know a thing about him, sorry about that) and I fell in love with it more than before. As you can easily imagine, now I am writing on it resuming ficplans from, like, 2003, and I'm feeling indecently happy about it.

On to the graphics, then! ♥ )
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I've told you, that I had lots of things to post, didn't I XD. Yesterday Chris asked me for some icons and I came out with a Shiva!Vossler/Ashe, since she had featured the infamous Shiva events between her request. I played with photoshop a bit following a tutorial and decided to make a little set with it, I just wish they came out better...

- do not claim as yours
- credit me ([livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go) if taking
- textless icons are not bases!!
- Spoilers for Shiva
- icon table generator from [livejournal.com profile] 77words


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