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It's exactly 6:41 am and I just can't sleep, despite taking no coffee at all in the last two days and getting up early to prepare everything, yesterday, for [livejournal.com profile] xmelchanx on Sunday... which means yesterday.
As for the last few days, I basically discovered the way Kripke wanted to end Supernatural broke my heart so badly I don't even want to talk about it - is it normal to feel so bad for a tv show? No, don't answer. I actually don't wanna know. Fortunately, there was the FFXIII ending to bring happy tears up to my eyes, which completely saved my night day. Afterwards, I feel totally free to say I had enough "it's the end of the world" stuff for one single Friday night. Which reminds me why exactly I had bought fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
Speaking of Sunday, I've discovered several things that absolutely deserve a statement.
1) Queer as Folks is wonderful and it's the main reason we had fun yesterday afternoon and basically the one that left me outside my bed;
2) I can cook and I am frankly amazing - my totally-made-of-fresh-vegetables potatoes flan is wonderful, mother-like kind of wonderful. And it was cooked in a microwave oven. I have to say, I really love myself sometimes;
3) My movements range is pretty good while doing housechores, and I still have to get used to the thought XD;
4) I have a puncture in one of my wheelchair wheels and my period - I bet that's why I could get no sleep at all.

This being said, I'm completely lucid now, so I'm gonna greet my bathroom, write my last 30-kanji-worth batch before sleep takes over and possibly before Japanese I on the 25th and maybe I'll even manage doing yesterday's washing up and making myself breakfast.
... Did I ever mention I am amazing?


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