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Japanese II is in two days, more or less, I just can't bring myself to finish the last batch of characters. I feel so bored and fed up with everything. Aaand it's not the right time to, I guess, but I'm rewatching Charmed for the first time, in English, since I was nine. I was expecting myself to say "it's so cheesy and 90s, what was I thinking, my childhood memories are ruined now", but... I'm loving it even more now. The acting is so good, and I am realising the show is the first thing I used to fangirl about, other than Sailor Moon, before even knowing what fangirling was in the first place. Every episode makes my stomach knot with nostalgia and feelings, it feels so strange - I swear I remember some episodes so vividly, and it's like meeting old friends again.
Is it legit to say SPOILERS after fifteen years? )


Aug. 30th, 2012 01:21 pm
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I'd never thought I'd resuscitate this journal by posting from my new smartphone during the most absurd train ride ever. We're fifty minutes late and counting, our coach is so full it's unbearable, and people just don't know how to behave. I have a text editor, too, what if I drabble for a while then post it here? Aaawww, the joy of technology!
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Yes, I'm alive and I know you don't believe me, just look at the mess this place is now XD. I have every intention of coming back, possibly with a long post about how Versailles no Bara tugs at my feelings and rips them open, and how rewatching "Charmed" is a very bad thing - I mean, despite my worst fears, it's not crappy at all after all these years, and that's exactly the thing, because it triggers my nostalgia like, badly. Then again, you all know how I get when I have to talk about my own vision of fandom in general - I just cannot stop, which brings to endless posts, which makes the process incredibly daunting, so I guess I'll procrastinate everything (again), hoping to have enough motivation once I pass Japanese II (which is incredibly close but I'm afraid "once I pass" could very well mean YEARS)!
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Half an hour ago I spilled milk on the touchpad and Subaru II, my laptop, wouldn't start again. I think I died for, like, ten minutes while I was trying to vacuum it all away. Now it's a bit sticky and I'm afraid it will smell a bit until I clean it for good, but it looks fine. The battery level gave me a read light until a few seconds ago, despite it being all charged. I hope I didn't ruin it.
I just don't understand what the heck is wrong with me lately. Yesterday, with my problems with being taken to class, my brain was convinced it was Sunday, and since I had no one available to pick me up, I overslept and beat the crap out of myself when I realised it. The day before, after I did the washing up, the bowl with all of my fragile plates went upside down because I apparently didn't pay attention to their actual balance, so they smashed on the ground. All of them. And I'm prettysure I did something else and I don't remember.
I mean, what the hell. I really don't know.

Or maybe I do.
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Meet my humble self, my usual new Ashelia-devoted haircut, now with more pink-striked awesomeness! ♥

Had coffee and chatted with Mrs. De Lillo too, this morning, and I feel a bit ashamed because I just realised I swore a lot in front of her. Duh O_o.
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Completely unrelated title for a completely random post to ease off yesterday night's bad mood XD. I should write something about how much I have loved Dragon Age: Origins and Alistair above everything, but I have to finish cooking and I have to do the laundry before my washbasin starts screaming. Most interesting news of the year, I think, is that I am now able to cook pasta by myself with the microwave, and that I've stayed up all night to write kanji. I am going to pass this time. I have to pass, I must pass. I want to pass ;__;.
Today is a national holiday, and I think I will spend it washing myself, my plates (argh) and sit down again to write kanji again XD.
All to let that horrible Barthandelus!Serah/Lightning dub-con plot wear off my head. @.@ *faints*
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[livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go

Home. Failed Japanese I, or at least half of it, so here I am in Termoli studying for the Contemporary History on the 16th Jume and attending my younger brother's First Communion tomorrow... er... today. I've dreamed thistitle for a layout since ages. Thanks, The Cure. And I have to admit I'm not the greatest fan of the song either. Well whatever.
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It's exactly 6:41 am and I just can't sleep, despite taking no coffee at all in the last two days and getting up early to prepare everything, yesterday, for [livejournal.com profile] xmelchanx on Sunday... which means yesterday.
As for the last few days, I basically discovered the way Kripke wanted to end Supernatural broke my heart so badly I don't even want to talk about it - is it normal to feel so bad for a tv show? No, don't answer. I actually don't wanna know. Fortunately, there was the FFXIII ending to bring happy tears up to my eyes, which completely saved my night day. Afterwards, I feel totally free to say I had enough "it's the end of the world" stuff for one single Friday night. Which reminds me why exactly I had bought fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
Speaking of Sunday, I've discovered several things that absolutely deserve a statement.
1) Queer as Folks is wonderful and it's the main reason we had fun yesterday afternoon and basically the one that left me outside my bed;
2) I can cook and I am frankly amazing - my totally-made-of-fresh-vegetables potatoes flan is wonderful, mother-like kind of wonderful. And it was cooked in a microwave oven. I have to say, I really love myself sometimes;
3) My movements range is pretty good while doing housechores, and I still have to get used to the thought XD;
4) I have a puncture in one of my wheelchair wheels and my period - I bet that's why I could get no sleep at all.

This being said, I'm completely lucid now, so I'm gonna greet my bathroom, write my last 30-kanji-worth batch before sleep takes over and possibly before Japanese I on the 25th and maybe I'll even manage doing yesterday's washing up and making myself breakfast.
... Did I ever mention I am amazing?
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In the end, back on Easter, mum bought me a Playstation 3 and FFXIII, so yes, after a whole month I'm at the end of Chapter 13. I can say that MAN, final boss is totally creeping me out, and not only because keeps blowin' my party away. Anyway, I can say that I love it, both its characters and the strong, family-like bond keeping the party together. Everyone is so different and real, and Lightning and Hope WIN.

Among other things, I sat Sounds of English today and got 26 points out of 30. Definitely a good mark but one of the lowest of the class. You know what? I hadn't studied properly and I'm frankly happy with it XDD. Plus, it's gonna turn in a 28 with the oral test on Monday, and I'm happy that I had 30 in my Writing class, so yay me! \o/! Now, Japanese I on 25th can terrify me better XDDD. Which means I am celebrating with a massive iconpost (and the fact that every batch of mine is made up of 18 icons is a damn coincidence and is currently freaking me out XD.

- Credit required @ [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go
- Don't steal and/or claim any as your own work

Most of the Seishiro/Subaru ones are cut from the current Dusk Shard layout I made... I liked the blend so much it was a pity to leave it unused... *////*
As for the Sailor Moon part of the batch... I can explain, so don't kick me. I've found that scene sexy since I was, like, OMGSEVENYEARSOLD.

[15] X
[4] Seishiro/Subaru
[6] Subaru
[5] Seishiro

[3] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
[1] Usagi
[2] Prince Diamond/Usagi hell yeah. I mean, of couse I ship Mamoru/Usagi, but come on, just look at the goddamn kiss and captivity scene there. I've shipped it ferociously since forever!

01. 02. 03.

rest under cut ♥ )
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So my mp3 player had quite a big accident while I was doing the laundry yesterday - which means I just had to buy a new identical one because living alone having no music is much of an ordeal, if you ask me. Even though I had permission an' all I feel as guilty as hell. Before it happened, I was just going to post the only reasonably happy thing of the day: after a whole month I finally stripped the aid-band and was able to have a real shower, and I've never felt so damn clean! Honestly, I've never thought having a shower could be a luxury... I would have been certainly happier if the basin with my underwear, full of icy water and soap, didn't fall on my legs twenty minutes later -__-! The mp3 player was drenched in water and so was I - the only difference is that I wasn't as expensive as it was, nor was I just seven months old XDDD.
Fortunately I discovered there was a party in the common room and I've joined the others, so I had quite a pleasurable evening in the end! And I was also careless of my pink pajamas while everyone was dressed, but still XD.
Personal life aside basically because I don't think mine is exactly thrilling, as you can see, I've iconed since two nights days, and here you are the most massive iconpost ever according to my own standards. And hey, it's all Seishiro/Subaru-related °_° I'm sticking to the two of them again, and I'm particulairly glad of this nostalgia, or whatever you want to call it. Now I can manage them better, both in ficwriting and iconing, and I forgot how damn beautiful and heartbreaking and absolutely-part-of-me they were.

Rules and icons this waay ♥~ )

Way to go!

Feb. 24th, 2010 10:58 am
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First things first...

So, I feel better )
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Yeah, back.
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Ungrateful post ahead. And no, I don't really care about being civil tonight, so read or leave before I burst.
I'm so fucking sick of something happening whenever I am experiencing good things. Taking a bit of rest after the exam before getting used to the new courses without anyone buggering? Writing? Forget it! Of course, I have to change my pace-maker battery, which basically means small surgery with consistent pain for both anaesthesia and post-surgery. Hence, I won't be able to have a shower for a week, or to get rid of my mother.
YOu know what is the category of people I can't bear? The one thinking clothes are the only thing worth your time or the only thing able to cheer someone up. When you know the person next to you loathes them more than anything else and is already angry, you are either stupid or a bitch. I can understand when someone is having a bad day, why others can't, and keep blabbering and judging when you made it clear that you are tired, pissed off and sleep-deprived since one week? AND it's not nothing, It's always nothing when you're not the one having surgery XDD and it's never the same. Me, I'm tired sick, of her just thinking about clothes over and over again, and sick of a life meaning, like "Get up - follow classes - come home to stay alone all day because you can't move by yourself" and watching your carefree spare time vanish like this, and you'll have to wait at least for mid-June to retrieve some.
I wish she wasn't there - she's irking me.



Feb. 18th, 2010 06:10 pm
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(Hi there, Florence. The rest later XD.)
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Because I do keep my promises, especially when they come as a helpful distraction XDD! And I think I kinda deserve this - I had a look at my timetable for this semester, and it provided me lots of reasons why I should be contemplating an honorable death before it begins XD.
So, I bought Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS as soon as I came here - God bless discounts - and I am liking it way more than I should XD. I can't really remember the last time I played with a classic RPG on an actual console without it having Pokemon involved, and it just feels so great, enjoying the same feeling of going from town to town and moving yourself to battle, explore secret passages and develop the plot in that peculiar "let's-go-buy-potions-at-the-local-market-and-sleep-in-the-inn" pixel-ish and non-political way Final Fantasy XII lacks, just as it used to be in the Nineties'games of my childhood, which proves this remake has to be very good, so full of innovations (I love the fact you can have airships, boats, ships to move) inside of the typical atmosphere of an old-style game ♥.
Endless post under cut, much to crimsontriforce's joy I hope XD )
Various real life updates under here )

Crim, dillo, questo è troppo anche per i tuoi standard XDD!
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Is it possible that everything I do I do it wrong? I just wish I were smarter and sharper and more damn capable of facing people and situations the best way I could. I wish I could do everything right, and I always end up acting naive or doing something stupid. I just want to be sly for once, and I feel like there's no room in the world for a person unable to keep her mouth shut when circumstances require it. Plus, I definitely discovered I would love to work already. I hate studying. I always did, no matter how much I like what I am studying, because the mere thought of it makes me puke. I'm a lazy, undeserving person, and I feel like I am wasting both my money and my time. There's just no way I can do anything giving it my best shot. I just don't have the will to. And living away from home gives you no clue about how to behave in the outer world if you can't do that in the first place, and I feel so stupid an' all. And closed comments because I need no pats on my back or any kind or sympathy - it's just that I don't know when I'll be able to grow up and change. I wonder where will I be in five years. Just sayin'.
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Back to the dorm after going home for Christmas (much to my dismay, without [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83 this time) and spending four wonderful days at [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko's along with [livejournal.com profile] fengtianshi and [livejournal.com profile] leryu_sbla! Now I have to pay for it all sweeping my room clean and doing the laundry, so see you later XD!
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I'm dining at [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko's tonight with everyone, I'm at a good point with the stuff to study for that irky Sounds of English exam (at least XD I shouldn't be so happy *hides her Italian Conteporary Literature books*) and... check [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83's journal, I'm so proud of the work I did with it ♥! And speaking of pride ♥ I put on one of my favourite shirts tonight, and it had always been difficult to pull on ^___^, I feel so pretty and independent... I even washed my hair in twenty minutes ^__^!
Gotta run, I'll tell you more later, for who couldn't read the Italian entry below! ♥


Oct. 25th, 2009 02:15 am
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Planning things XD. This place needs to be cleaned up a little, which I am, absolutely doing as soon as I wake up in the morning, now that I finally have Photoshop here. ♥


Sep. 27th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Second official day in Florence so far. I recovered my fanworks folder and spent the whole afternoon with [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko after five years spent wishing this could become routine someday. She took my PC to a technician in an attempt to either restore last missing datas and fix it. We fangirled about Supernatural and Castiel in a shameful way, pondered about practical issues and many other matters. I bought a chest of drawers and a bookcase, lamps and a micro-wave oven, so now my room is passably human XD. Checked tomorrow's schedule annd found it relievingly free-time friendly *hearts*, not to mention we're heading to Milan on Thursday for a concert as a late-delivered Christmas present for meeee-eh. Mum will be gone after everything will be set right, and all I need now, apart from my own laptop in shape and a thorough solving of my LAN issues, is an assistant to accompany me in my mother's place, so she'll return back home and I will officially start living by myself. And when you bring your DVDs, manga and even your childhood favourite doll everything seems bright and better. I want to invite [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83 to stay here for a while for the sake of a Supernatural-wise fangirling intake... Hope everything will be set and done for it starting next month! ♥! I am so happy to have so many friends here caring for me, being happy for my presence and willing to help and enjoy my company... I've never experienced such a thing with nearby people before, and THAT's one of the reasons why I feel... fulfilled. Realised. Though I may say my micro-vawe cooking must be necessairly improved XD...


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