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In the end, back on Easter, mum bought me a Playstation 3 and FFXIII, so yes, after a whole month I'm at the end of Chapter 13. I can say that MAN, final boss is totally creeping me out, and not only because keeps blowin' my party away. Anyway, I can say that I love it, both its characters and the strong, family-like bond keeping the party together. Everyone is so different and real, and Lightning and Hope WIN.

Among other things, I sat Sounds of English today and got 26 points out of 30. Definitely a good mark but one of the lowest of the class. You know what? I hadn't studied properly and I'm frankly happy with it XDD. Plus, it's gonna turn in a 28 with the oral test on Monday, and I'm happy that I had 30 in my Writing class, so yay me! \o/! Now, Japanese I on 25th can terrify me better XDDD. Which means I am celebrating with a massive iconpost (and the fact that every batch of mine is made up of 18 icons is a damn coincidence and is currently freaking me out XD.

- Credit required @ [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go
- Don't steal and/or claim any as your own work

Most of the Seishiro/Subaru ones are cut from the current Dusk Shard layout I made... I liked the blend so much it was a pity to leave it unused... *////*
As for the Sailor Moon part of the batch... I can explain, so don't kick me. I've found that scene sexy since I was, like, OMGSEVENYEARSOLD.

[15] X
[4] Seishiro/Subaru
[6] Subaru
[5] Seishiro

[3] Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
[1] Usagi
[2] Prince Diamond/Usagi hell yeah. I mean, of couse I ship Mamoru/Usagi, but come on, just look at the goddamn kiss and captivity scene there. I've shipped it ferociously since forever!

01. 02. 03.

rest under cut ♥ )


Feb. 18th, 2010 06:10 pm
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(Hi there, Florence. The rest later XD.)
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I'm dining at [livejournal.com profile] harriet_yuuko's tonight with everyone, I'm at a good point with the stuff to study for that irky Sounds of English exam (at least XD I shouldn't be so happy *hides her Italian Conteporary Literature books*) and... check [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83's journal, I'm so proud of the work I did with it ♥! And speaking of pride ♥ I put on one of my favourite shirts tonight, and it had always been difficult to pull on ^___^, I feel so pretty and independent... I even washed my hair in twenty minutes ^__^!
Gotta run, I'll tell you more later, for who couldn't read the Italian entry below! ♥


Jun. 14th, 2009 05:42 pm
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I made coffee by myself for the second time in my life. I had spilled coffee powder all over my hands and I was afraid I didn't clean the coffee pot borders well because when I put it on the stove the water inside seemed to protest. This time the colour isn't strange O_ò. I'll tell you more later, I'm going to taste it to verify XD.

EDIT:: DEAR GOODNESS, IT WAS GOOD *________*! I am so happy! My mother is out with my younger brother and my sister is at the seaside, so I was unsuccessfully trying to study for final exams and I needed coffee XDD, so I was forced to try and do it by myself. The inside of our kitchen is really small, so I could easily leave my crutches and walk leaning on the furniture to take coffee pot, powder, sugar, even spoons and cups *_____*. I have this terrible habit of being rough when I manage powders, so most of the powder fell on the surface and I had to put it in the sink XDDD. I hope there won't be much to clean afterwards, I did what I could... I was really afraid to use the lighter, the stove and even the gas coming from it, so I needed to try twice before I could light it up... but I didn't get burned, nor the coffee was, and it wasn't too black either *_*! I was a bit scared when it seemed that I didn't screw the superior half of the polt well, so a bit of it was cooling down... but then I heard the noise and saw the steam coming from the spout, which meant I did nothing wrong *________*. It tasted like my mother's... and I even found chocolate snacks to eat *_* since just coffee in my empty stomach makes me feel sick after a few minutes... Well, I just think it's time to go back to Dante now, just to try something out of it -__-. I feel so blank. I am afraid it's due to many different things - me staying up late, undergoing the effects of both weather and the notorious injections, the stress, the HEAT of the weather (even though this golden sun makes me feel happy nevertheless)...I miss you all so much. And I am writing these days even though I should study XDDD. When all this will be over, [livejournal.com profile] galatea23, I will be going to reply on that chapterfic comment because that was really interesting...

and I should feel ashamed about AU contexts in which Basch uses cocksucking as a convincing device to persuade people about duty, honour... and such. YES.

Italian f-list, comment there if you dare.


AND I am not washing my hands because this coffee smell feels so nice.
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Well, well, well. I've had a wish to post something for a while since three days or so, and this is definitely the right time to XD, just because the whole thing is making me giggle and squee even though I should be studying a lot more - final exams are approaching and I am not so prone to waste thirteen years of school as though as they were nothing. By the way, I moved on 5th May, and we still have things to unpack. More importantly, I'm shamelessly stealing Wi-Fi unprotected connection from someone around here, and I am waiting for an electrician to come and set up modem and various televisions, so my siblings will take their Playstation to another room. Which means, I'll finally finish FFXII once more and restart it again ♥ ([livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83, it's all your fault)!
I don't really believe this actually needs a reason other than mere manic intent, when I should be studying, but I still have a dignity to defend somewhere, so... the truth is, I've finally finished Revenant Wings. The storyline at least. And I am just fangirling like crazy because I do know it's not much of a big deal, but... BASCH/ASHE IS TOTALLY CANON.


And [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83 devoted the most wonderfully intense and romantically angst Basch/Ashe vid ever to me. I am watching it over and over again ♥! I want to write romance about them and perhaps edit a vid too... I just need to find the right song... I feel so romantic tonight ♥ but I'm having a test tomorrow and it's later than usual.
I'm totally sleep-deprived.

EDIT / Found a video with the credits artwork^^; didn't chack it before, sorry XD!

Over here, please ♥ )


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