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It's exactly 6:41 am and I just can't sleep, despite taking no coffee at all in the last two days and getting up early to prepare everything, yesterday, for [livejournal.com profile] xmelchanx on Sunday... which means yesterday.
As for the last few days, I basically discovered the way Kripke wanted to end Supernatural broke my heart so badly I don't even want to talk about it - is it normal to feel so bad for a tv show? No, don't answer. I actually don't wanna know. Fortunately, there was the FFXIII ending to bring happy tears up to my eyes, which completely saved my night day. Afterwards, I feel totally free to say I had enough "it's the end of the world" stuff for one single Friday night. Which reminds me why exactly I had bought fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
Speaking of Sunday, I've discovered several things that absolutely deserve a statement.
1) Queer as Folks is wonderful and it's the main reason we had fun yesterday afternoon and basically the one that left me outside my bed;
2) I can cook and I am frankly amazing - my totally-made-of-fresh-vegetables potatoes flan is wonderful, mother-like kind of wonderful. And it was cooked in a microwave oven. I have to say, I really love myself sometimes;
3) My movements range is pretty good while doing housechores, and I still have to get used to the thought XD;
4) I have a puncture in one of my wheelchair wheels and my period - I bet that's why I could get no sleep at all.

This being said, I'm completely lucid now, so I'm gonna greet my bathroom, write my last 30-kanji-worth batch before sleep takes over and possibly before Japanese I on the 25th and maybe I'll even manage doing yesterday's washing up and making myself breakfast.
... Did I ever mention I am amazing?
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Just saying, it's been so long and I'm awful, I know. I should tell you lots of thinmg, like I scored 82 out of 100 in my final High School exams and I'm heading to Florence in a few days. In a definite way this time, and that's scaring me like hell, since I don't feel that dorm like home and I'm missing my teachers like hell. Plus, I hate the thought of abandoning both all the comfort I have here and my stavble connection - there eMule is blocked and LAN won't work in my room, I'll have to fix that out somehow, because [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83 got me hooked to Supernatural and I'm just out of Lucifer Rising.
On top of that, my PC crashed and it's getting repaired, so I'm posting from my sis' one, now that I could get my hands on it, and I just wanted to say a thing, since I was in Florence at that time and I had no money, and I was so upset that I forgot to do it in a proper way, so forgive me, dearie, I just wanted to wish you an

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83.

Wincest is coming as a forgiving wish, I swear. ♥
And noew I'm off to bed because it's too late and [livejournal.com profile] michiru_kaiou7, who is here to lend a hand, is a sleep since an awful long time, which means I'm the worst. Oh, and after all this crap I've bought myuself a 350GB external HD out of plain fear of losing everything. Fortunately, it seems my technician could back everything up safely...


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